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Recent Events at Work…

Well, yesterday a customer pulled a fast one and stole his car off the lot with out paying for his services.  Thats stealing.  Customer paid $300 up front to get work done.  The bill racked up to $900+ total. There were more things wrong that anticipated with his car.  Customer agrees to get the work done.  Customer owes  $650…    The customer has been calling “private call” We couldn’t couldnt […]

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Dear Advance Auto Parts Cutie…

If you read this,  You are a dork… =P  You need to know the right people if you want to go party like a rock star… ;-P  ——————————————– But anyhow.. Went to advance to get a slim jim cause some one stole my other one.. and i bought me some green chux to help out juvenile diabetes.  got 5 of them rock’n the front of the santa fe advance.. go […]

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Funny Thing Today at Work!

Well, its funny to me.. I think.. I called up Josh that supplies my Spies Hecker automotive paint..  Hes some where up north with the sales guy tryna get more business or something.. and i call him up to get paint mixed.. and he writes the info down and he asked if it was alright if he called after he got back to the shop and mix up the paint.. […]

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Well, Its Almost 2AM..

And Im still sitting here at the freaking shop.. and guess what.. my fucking nose is bleeding… =(  its the same nostril that has been bleeding off and on when it wants since i was a kid.. hasnt been bleeding in a long while till recent… it used to bleed like every day during the summer when i was a kidd.. but i had a boogerrR and i was blowing the […]

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Just got back from the movies.. Went to see First Sunday. Ice Cube was in it… Umm.. Overall it wasnt the greatest movie but then again I liked it.  Some good Ice Cube acting.. But any how.. Got the front end of a 03 corolla S fixed.. Now back to cleaning the shop some more.. So i can pull in my hatchie in to swap the motor.. The blazer died.. […]

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