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Recent Events at Work…

Well, yesterday a customer pulled a fast one and stole his car off the lot with out paying for his services.  Thats stealing.  Customer paid $300 up front to get work done.  The bill racked up to $900+ total. There were more things wrong that anticipated with his car.  Customer agrees to get the work done.  Customer owes  $650…    The customer has been calling “private call” We couldn’t couldnt call the customer since we didn’t have his number on file.  So we went through his glove compartment and got numbers we found.   We ended up calling his parents house.  His parents gave us his cell phone number.  Talked to the customer, does not want to negociate with anything at all.   We just wanted the car back on our property or the money owed.  After failed negociations, we called the police and made a police report.  The license plate is flagged.  If the car is scene and the plate is ran by a police officer the car will get pulled over.  If he is in the car he would get arrested and goto jail.  Then it would be delt in court.  We didn’t want to have to go through all this trouble.  His parents were no real help either.  They took a taxi here to the shop.  Trying to negociate a price?  You don’t negociate a price!!!!  $510 is not enough!  We want the full amount!  If & when the full amount is paid, I have no clue if the police would drop the bench warrant and unflag the license plate on that car.  Regardless its stealing.  You don’t get your car fixed and run off with it without making an agreement with the shop!

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