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Live streaming is coming

For the past year I’ve been lurking live streaming apps. I’ve decided on which platforms I want to live stream on. Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope Facebook and Periscope I can already live stream on. 360 live stream quality isn’t that great at the moment. It’s limited on upload bandwidth. Until mobile devices have faster upload speeds and more alloted bandwidth I don’t see quality 360 live streams happening for the […]

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Been busy getting things done!

As I sit here at my brothers place in Mahomet, IL. The perfect chance to get a blog post in. =P The last time I made a blog entry was in February. It’s the end of May! I was trying to at least get a few posts in a month but that obviously didn’t happen. So let’s go over what I should have posted? March… Thai lady that cooks in […]

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Planning Road trip 2017

  I’m getting old still single. No kids.  I’ve be talking about going to see my father for a long time. I haven’t seen him in over 10 years!  Our only form of communication is E-mail.   I can take one of my three vehicles.  My Tundra, LS400, or Gs400.   Tundra is more out of the question since MPG and parking in a metro would suck, unless I get […]

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Forgot I was gonna add pix.

The living room is just about done need a better tables but this will do for now.    The entryway was just opened up entirely  and the closet was removed.   Who needs a guest closet anyways… Just another excuse to have shit in the closet that doesnt need to be there.. No need for clutter.    Need a new dining table that can seat 8+      

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Positive Mindset

Have I ever mentioned I was way happier at this point in life?  After all the BS I went through feeling alone… and what not… My biggest low was back in Kansas.  Rock bottom. Didn’t give a fuck.   What friends I had didn’t want to come around. Thats how bad it was.  Ask Grace if you don’t believe me. Never again will I live 6 months and do nothing […]

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End of the first month of 2017.

How the heck did I manage to drive 36,000 miles in my Tundra?!?!  I’ve calculated about $4500-5000 in Gas for the year.  Nucking futs!   I’m glad I bought it though. Replacing that MDX was the best decision ever.  Tundra runs regular. MDX ran premium.  Tundra gets 19mpg hwy. MDX got 22mpg hwy.   It was about the same in fuel costs.  Tundra has more cargo space for sure and […]

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