The new house is Official!

It’s been a long time coming. Was searching for the house I wanted for a long time. My mom knew I had specific requirements of acreage and a workshop.  Just so when I am the head of family, there will be space to build more homes for the family if they want to move here.

5acres!  Heres some pictures to start.  I’ll post more later after the remodel is done and everything is cleaned up more.

This what the house look like (pix from the realtor because I didn’t snap any pix yet of the front)isqxmtg1b28tz30000000000ism6nwk30h6ab40000000000ise0lk2xv8ycb40000000000


Backyard on the right side20160727_13390820160727_140212


Backyard on the left side20161006_09003720161006_090015


Always wanted a circle or big driveway.  This is sorta a circle drive LOL.

Front left side was added on at some point with wrap around deck.


There’s over 2000 plants.  Need get rid of some of these plants ’cause I ain’t tryna maintain this landscape this year around.. Ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL


The meh question…

Why am I still single?  Well even though my mother hints and my cousin and bff always bring this up asking when am I going to find a girl and get married etc…  I still choose to stay single.   I’m perfectly fine being alone.  Sure there is loneliness that comes with it but being alone I’ve had time to figure out what I want in life, what I want to do with myself, and what realistic goals to set and achieve.

It’s pretty complicated.   If I were to actually set forth and go find a companion instead of subconsciously looking, human nature you’re always looking for someone.   I wouldn’t be looking just for myself. I’d be looking for a possible daughter-in-law for my mother, a sister for my cousin that also can be friends with my BFF Grace.  That is three female personalities that my potential girl would have to get along with.   My mother will always be apart of my life.  So would my cousin because I pretty much raised her through HS and she sorta still is my spoiled brat child that no one else in the family wants to discipline.  As for BFF… She’s pretty much part of the fambam forever unless she decided to leave, lol.

Is it wrong that I feel fine being alone?  I’m not gonna lie I’ve been out of the dating game for a long while.  I didn’t feel that I loved myself enough to love someone else.   I’ve dated and had flings with several girls over the years and sure it was a great, living and learning experiences but of course nothing came out of but myself and knowledge and wisdom, lol.   I know what I’m looking for.  I just have yet to come across someone that has crossed off 90% of my subconscious list of prerequisites.

I’ve been using my “Me” time…   I’d say my time spent with my family has occupied me enough to conquer the loneliness that comes with being alone.  I seriously 6-7 days a week restaurant and boutique.  But really I just hang out with my mom almost everyday.   I’m like her personal assistant, lmfao.   I’m here because it’s the right thing to do.  My mother came here to the states as a refugee with pretty much no money.  Worked at McDonalds and walked several miles to get there.  But now she owns two thriving businesses and of course she would like me to stay around and help her out.  I mean sure I could be elsewhere making more money doing things that would have gotten me in trouble or whatever…

I just choose to be here with my family…   It was like one day my mom called me up and said hey you have family from Laos that came you should move over here.  But me being young twenties and dumb… I was like meh… Living life like a rockstar going out every night… VIP bottle service and what not.  It was wild.    But it was a life rollercoaster and when that turning point day arrived I called my mom and said hey I’m moving over there.  Packed my things and left my life in Kansas City.   I finally hopped on a plane and saw them the first time coming down the escalator at CLT.  I was like damn that must be them FOB looking as Asians.  At this point I haven’t seen my mother for over 4 years, and finally meeting my blood family from Laos.

Fast forward to present.  I’m the next head of family.   The house that my mom and I chose has acreage and lots of room.   There’s potential for future family from Laos to come.   It’s not about me anymore it’s about the family.  The sacrifices my mom made has come along way and I’m making my own sacrifices to continue to help be apart of the family.  Sometimes my mom cries after we have arguments over the sacrifices we both endure to keep the family afloat.  Sure we could just split go our own ways but then the family is on their own… She’s secured her future to where I can take care of her when she is old and grumpy and nags about everything.   Me being around has shown her I am capable and honest to be the next head of family.  Even though my brother is older, I’m the next head of family.  I know he wouldn’t be comfortable being in charge of such a large family.

Final words…  If I were to find a girl near or far.  I’d hope she has strong family relations so she knows how I put my family first.  If she had strong family ties we could always come to a mutual understanding on things.  Afterall that’s what a relationship is right? Mutual agreements upon things of being one. To be one…

My goodness it has been a very long time!

Where do I even start?

Yes, it has been a very long time since I’ve made any sort of blog post.  I’ve had this site since 2004.   It has kept me sane.  In time of need I’ve always had this as my outlet.  When I had no one to turn to.  My digital journal or I guess you can say journey. (*edit* journal is a written journey right? LOL.) I occasionally go back to look & read what I’ve posted by it sure does jog hidden memories.

What really brought me here today?  I’ve been living life. Living and learning.  What an amazing journey it has been.  I left my job probably 2-3 years ago, (don’t remember off the top of my head its been that long,)  project manager and multi-media specialist for a document imaging company.   It paid very well but the stress got me to leave when I had the chance.  The chance came when my mother decided to buy a Japanese/Thai restaurant and eventually opened a dress shop.  When I was at my document imaging career  I knew my mom couldn’t afford to pay me.   Yet  I took that chance.   Low pay, food in my belly, roof over my head.  I’ve lived like that before why not again right?

Well its been almost 2 years the family restaurant has moved to its current location.  The dress shop which is now the dream dress shop my mother has never dreamt of having.   Both businesses are doing well.  My mother bought the building the boutique is in.  And the restaurant was doing well enough she was comfortable buying that building as well.   Both businesses pay rent like normal though.  Its kinda complicated, I guess if you don’t understand how business structure and things work to protect assets etc…

Whats next? Well I feel the restaurant and boutique are doing well enough I can remove myself from the picture.  I’ve done enough so both businesses have an online presence so people that travel to the area will find us on the internet.   Although there’s things I’d change for both businesses if they were actually mine, its not my call.  My stepfather wanted me to take a roll as management for the restaurant but I’ve declined.  Regardless I’m there or on call at both businesses Monday-Saturday.  Can’t just give me a position with 3 days and say I dont have to show up the rest of the days of the week.  It doesn’t work that way I’m family  I’m the only one they can call if it gets busy or someone calls in, I’m there no questions asked.  I complain about it but thats life. LOL.   As for the boutique, I tried to get my mom on to quickbooks pro point of sale system but she keeps forgetting and calls me. Gets me to run her transactions etc…  Ive showed her many many times but she forgets if she doesnt do it every day.   The layaway function is the main reason why we went pro.  It sure does make thing easy tracking customer names and what dresses they buy.

oh yeah… I forgot to mention my credit repairing has been going well.  With all the money I’ve been saving living with the family not paying rent or utilities… I bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra.  I made the executive decision to replace the 2006 Acura MDX my mom bought 8 years ago with 75k miles.  Mdx had 240k I think on it when I sold it.  The fambam and I have driven that thing all over the place. It was time to retire it or spend money on maintenance, again.   I mean sure I could have put a down payment on a 2016 Tundra or any car I wanted… But the decision on this Tundra was right.  I’ve put 23,000 miles on it since I bought it in February.  Its nearing 109k now.  Due for new tires. Its nearly paid off anyways.  I plan on having it paid off in the next year or so.    I hate making car payments honestly.  Reason why I still have my LS400 and bought a GS400 for my toy.   If I sold my two Lexus sedans and mods I could trade in the tundra and get a Maserati I’ve been staring at for the past couple years, ha yeah right my mom would be like you don’t need a $60k car.

Anyhow…  I decided I’m staying put here in the Carolinas.   My drivers license is SC. My tundra is SC plate.  Its been official since January.   My heart will always be in the Midwest though.   At least here 3hr drive any direction can be interesting and fun.  Kinda like Kansas City and Chambana.  Been house shopping for the past year waiting for my credit to clear up.  Found a few houses never actually went to look at them.  Well, when I was Kansas City visiting and then stopped in Illinois to visit… I got an email from my mom to check out a house. There it was 4 acres multiple bathrooms and rooms with a building on the land so I can have a work shop for my car hobby.   The house was listed on like Thursday. I got the email from my mom Friday.  I got back to town Saturday night. Sunday I emailed the realtor she called me Monday.  Went to go look at the place.  We were the second people to see it.  There was other people coming to see it later that day.  My mom loved the house I loved the house.  I told her we had to make an offer or we gonna lose the chance.  Fast forward to this week.  Closing date is in I guess 8 days now.  ITS SO FUCKING EXCITING!

The plan… Since I don’t want to manage the restaurant or put more effort into the local boutique location (its honestly too small we need more dresses and more girls to sell, LOL limited to what you can do with the space dont want to over do it and be over whelmed)   I’ve decided to quit putting off what I’ve wanted to do for a long time…   Going to put my all into my own business venture.   I will be starting an automotive life styles company.  I’ll keep the full details to my self… But this new house… has enough land for me.  I will be setting up my screen printing equipment that has been in storage so I can make shirts and hats for the restaurant to sell.  Probably make some other shirts that go with the town too… I’ll have my own production office, setup my multi-media equipment and other printing equipment.  I guess I could find or make space for photography stuff.  I’ll also probably flip cars and hustle car parts again.  Little bit of everything… 

I’ll end this for now.. Need sleep going to the temple in the morning.

Wire tucking

Got the drivers harness to sit higher.
20150923_232009 20150923_232030 20150923_232042
banged the pinch weld more flat so the tire wont get slit while driving low. need to grind one point down a little bit.


Test fit the shortened spindles but it won’t work with the 20s so they are on the back burner for now. 20150923_232104 20150923_235016


Bag installed with stock spindles.20150924_004205


tire touches frame rail. no point in driving that low though on 20s.


It’ll tuck this much when air’d out. Which should look pretty nice.  Can’t wait!20150924_002952