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Well, Its Almost 2AM..

And Im still sitting here at the freaking shop.. and guess what.. my fucking nose is bleeding… =(  its the same nostril that has been bleeding off and on when it wants since i was a kid.. hasnt been bleeding in a long while till recent… it used to bleed like every day during the summer when i was a kidd.. but i had a boogerrR and i was blowing the nose to clear the stream… and well i guess the air was to ruff and opned up what ever that always bleeds.. so hmm.. it sucks.. lol

 But any ways.. back to what i was saying.. 2am at work still.. WTFF!!!  this 98 nissan quest that came here yesterday made an appointment to do a power steering pump.. Well, Didnt have a mechanic here today and i didnt really want to do it cause i was cleaning up the shop since Don finally came by to pick up the scrap motors and trannys i had laying in the shop… well any ways.. 10 pm rolls around.. i get the quest on the lift.. didnt really hear the pump noise any more..

so i get it on the lift start taking it apart and im like FUCK how the hell do i get this out.. it calls for 2.2 hours of labor.. and im trying to figure out the easiest way to get it out.. well from the looks of it.. drop the K-member and rear motor mount.. then squeeze it thru and hope not to have to pull the axle out.. well.. that was just an idea.. i decided to go back to the orginal problem.. “what caused the pump to go bad..” (since it was making noise yesterday…) Well.. all the hoses were loose a bit.. So i tighten them all up.. cleaned it all out with solvent.. put the belt back on and started it up.. no leaks any more.. Assuming there was air in the system.. the pump sounded fairly decent… Read up on my expensive ass program that doesnt tell me how exactly to take out the pump.. that to bleed the system.. leave the car off put it in the air and turn the steering wheel lock to lock.. well i did that.. and bled it out some more.. started it up a bit.. and i look inside the resivoir and it has a lil bit a flow in there.. so theres a bit of air still left…  i put the plastic lining cover and the wheel back on.. get the van off the lift and go for a drive.. power steering works fine… pump sound is not noticable.. and this van needs an alignment.. so i get back to the shop let it sit at idle.. and think.. it sounds normal after you put in a new pump its still gonna have air in it and sound the same.. so i drove it one more time.. my final conclusion…  charge the customer for cleaning and tightening the lines and fluid.. instead of charging them for a pump and install.. saves them over $300.. and saves me over 5hours of headaches tryna figure this shit out cause im tired as FUCK! I wish i had a reliable fucking mechanic.. fucking BITCH SHIT GOT DAMN MUNG motha fuckaaa.. haha.. but any ways.. the work order for the nissan quest says.. recommends to drive for 2-4weeks to allow system to bleed on its own.. if sound still occurs customer may return and get pump changed for $426.xx  LOL!!!  hey.. i think they wont pass it up.. saves them money.. saves me time.. its a 98 nissan quest minivan with 124,xxx miles on it.. spend $400+ on it or $70 something?  shit the thing needs an alignment anyways.. who gives a fuCk.. lol!!!

 but for tomorrow agenda.. Gotta change the valve cover gasket and shit for the 98 frontier truck… and get paint ordered for it.. skuff it down and paint it.. and remove the decals… and get a battery… hopefully the valve cover gasket set change fixes the running ruff.. i mean fuck the spark plug tubes are filled with oil.. LOL  after thats done get one rim and alignment for the thing and its done with and sell it for $3k or something..  so the main part for tomorrow for the truck is valve cover gasket and paint.. (it was a bitch to get in since it was on a donut in the front… and its flat.. and theres a patch of ice sitting in front of the bay door… and so i did a long 80mph+ burn out for a while.. tires didnt smoke.. just belted the ice slowly.. hahahaaaaaa  and after 10 minz i got it inside the shop!!)

after the frontier.. 98 pontiac grand am.. need to figure out whats wrong with that shit.. cause it boggs out some times.. blah..

the t100 needs to get put back together.. and needs a timing belt water pump, remote start, rims put on and a good detail… then the fucking eclipse still needs the kit put on.. need the damn plugs for the reverse lights so i can wire it and put the kit on at the same time.. as well as the license plate lights.. then do some minor body work and primer that bitch…  the vigor needs some body work still.. and paint… then we can sell that bitch too.. 4 cars to sell.. then that should cover some of this months over head… and empty out the parking lot a bit.. cause that shit has been sitting here way TO DAMN MUTHA FUCKING LONG!!!..  i might as well pull the corvette in and change the spark plus.. and strip down the interior… and do some fiberglass work to the body and flat black primer the bitch.. and hit up this seasons auto X.. running a stock 85 vette.. LOL!!!  put that bitch to use.. shit.. forreals.. bitch been sitting here too long toO!!!!  the theres the old school 4 door impala that needs the body work redone again.. after it sat out side for winter… prolly has surface rust all over it again.. then the old school mustang needs to be put together and body worked and painted too.. damn.. shits been sitting to long.. ima get this shit done.. then close this shop up.. LOL!!!! fuck the bull shit.. finish up all the work.. and go get a realll mutha fucking job with benifits.. and toad does the same too… itll sure be enough fucking money to cover the damn over head a month… actually it wouldnt.. but with the side work we do at the shop.. itll cover the over head.. easily… and then the hair salon opens up.. it would be all game… and just do insurance claims here at the shop.. and some mechanical repair.. fuck it would be sooo fucking easy.. FUCK! im smart.. fucking bitches! i need to go home and sleep FUCK!

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