aka iamdengman


Name: Casey Daravy Dengmanivanh

Birthday: 04/10/1985

Age: 32

Location: Landrum, SC 29356

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8

Weight: 190-200LBS working on getting to 170lbs for the past 8 years I just love food.

Marital Status: Single

Smoke?: I quit years ago.

Drink?: Social

Hobbies & Interests: Car geek, computer geek, and photography geek.  I’ve had over 50 cars since I was 16 seriously LOST count.. I like to rollerblade, mountain bike, and hike.   I like to drive around alot. Driving around aimlessly.  I love to travel.  I always wonder what those other cities have to offer.  Ingress has led me to small towns I’ve never would have stopped and noticed.  

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Education: Class of 2003 Urbana High school Urbana, IL. Semester of Parkland College Champaign, IL. Undecided of returning back to college.

Goals for the Future: Six-figure companies and travel.

Personal Quote: “The way life is. Live it, Learn it, Remember it. Look towards the future. There are no what if’s. Just do it and live with it or Change it.” 

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