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Just got back from the movies.. Went to see First Sunday. Ice Cube was in it… Umm.. Overall it wasnt the greatest movie but then again I liked it.  Some good Ice Cube acting.. But any how.. Got the front end of a 03 corolla S fixed.. Now back to cleaning the shop some more.. So i can pull in my hatchie in to swap the motor.. The blazer died.. (R.I.P green blaze) lol.  Todd borrowed the blazer for two days.. He couldnt get it started one night and then now i chipped the teeth off the starter last night… So its stuck at home and Id rather get this civic running and save $$ on gas..

Theres alot of things for the agenda this week I need to get it done.. It’ll all be goood in a few weeks.. Big plans and goals.. Get shit going and itll be koo.. What else am i to do?  just work and work.. no play… no time for nothing really.. Giv this place my all and fuck i forsure will make my sixfig salary in no time…

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