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2017 goals/desires/whatever you want to call it.

Repair Tundra from accidents from 2016, Rebuild coilover shocks, buy new tires and go prerunner wide panels. Get GS400 on road so I can daily drive it instead of the Tundra Get LS400 buttoned up and make it to a few car shows. debut GS400 and LS400 on internet same time in Spring. Getfitted Garage  Get passport Shake more hands, smile, and acknowledge people. Find future wifey.   Travel Be proud […]

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All smiles.

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Just been busy with everything. Finally got Settled in ISH at the new house. Had to button things up so when step-father had his family over it was presentable. I won’t post pix of the kitchen or living room yet since its not done done. But here’s some pictures of my room.   Don’t mind the mess.. Work in progress. Spent too much for my […]

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2016 Review

My social media feed has been all about 2016 was bad etc etc.. How can a year be that bad for everyone?  Its ridiculous!   Let me review my 2016 for ya.    My credit score jumped from 500 to 700s.  I bought my first truck.  It was used but I didn’t think I needed a $40,000 brand new truck.  This would be my first time buying a used vehicle […]

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World Cup Finals 2016

Pix from my road trip to Kansas City for Halloween, then road trip to Maryland for Imports VS Domestics World Cup Finals 2016.   It was a long week this trip. I literally drove over 13hrs to Kansas City stayed up a couple nights took a power nap and we hit the road to Maryland then stayed up all night getting the car ready. Then stayed up a night or […]

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The new house is Official!

It’s been a long time coming. Was searching for the house I wanted for a long time. My mom knew I had specific requirements of acreage and a workshop.  Just so when I am the head of family, there will be space to build more homes for the family if they want to move here. 5acres!  Heres some pictures to start.  I’ll post more later after the remodel is done and […]

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