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2016 Review

My social media feed has been all about 2016 was bad etc etc.. How can a year be that bad for everyone?  Its ridiculous!  

Let me review my 2016 for ya. 


  1. My credit score jumped from 500 to 700s. 
  2. I bought my first truck.  It was used but I didn’t think I needed a $40,000 brand new truck.  This would be my first time buying a used vehicle from a dealer. Out of the 50+ cars I’ve owned.  Sure I could have bought a brand new $25,000 car but this used 2010 Toyota Tundra caught my eye.  
  3. I drove to Kansas City a few times to visit fam.
  4. I brought my GS400 home.
  5. Visited my fambam in Illinois several times.
  6. Went to the beach and then to Gatlinburg right after.
  7. Bought my first house. Sure it’s not quite exactly all mine yet but I’m the next head of family so I had part decision on that house.  My name is on the deed so ha. =P
  8. My GS400 and LS400 sleep together in the makeshift building that came with the house. So I can finally work on my cars again.  
  9. I decided with this new estate I should start my own business since I’ve had my plans on hold for several years.   I say estate because 5acres and its 4 properties that make it 5acres.
  10. Last of all.  I’m happy with myself.

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