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The new house is Official!

It’s been a long time coming. Was searching for the house I wanted for a long time. My mom knew I had specific requirements of acreage and a workshop.  Just so when I am the head of family, there will be space to build more homes for the family if they want to move here.

5acres!  Heres some pictures to start.  I’ll post more later after the remodel is done and everything is cleaned up more.

This what the house look like (pix from the realtor because I didn’t snap any pix yet of the front)isqxmtg1b28tz30000000000ism6nwk30h6ab40000000000ise0lk2xv8ycb40000000000


Backyard on the right side20160727_13390820160727_140212


Backyard on the left side20161006_09003720161006_090015


Always wanted a circle or big driveway.  This is sorta a circle drive LOL.

Front left side was added on at some point with wrap around deck.


There’s over 2000 plants.  Need get rid of some of these plants ’cause I ain’t tryna maintain this landscape this year around.. Ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL


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