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End of the first month of 2017.

How the heck did I manage to drive 36,000 miles in my Tundra?!?!  I’ve calculated about $4500-5000 in Gas for the year.  Nucking futs!   I’m glad I bought it though. Replacing that MDX was the best decision ever.  Tundra runs regular. MDX ran premium.  Tundra gets 19mpg hwy. MDX got 22mpg hwy.   It was about the same in fuel costs.  Tundra has more cargo space for sure and it hauls trailers.    It’ll be paid off by next year I bet.   I just hate making payments so pay it of quick as possible and save $400 a month would be ideal.   

Today, I finally got my articles of incorporation and EIN paper work.   Now I can open a business bank account.   It’s just funny how I’ve help others with their business ventures for soo many years and I finally decided to do my own thing.   I could have gone back to college but I think it’s too late for me.  I mean sure I could but I would feel like the old guy living with his family going to school still. Just to get a piece of paper saying I’ve learned this in school.    Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way..  It’s like college degree is the standard now. EVERYone is doing it.  Yet I know lots of people not even working in the field they went to school for.   Back when I was working at Scanics when I was the project manager I had college graduates working for me.   It’s like whaaattt you can’t find a job in your field so you working for me…   I tell you what it was delightful to get promoted to project manager after 2 weeks of working there.   The skills didn’t go unnoticed.   If he paid me more I would have stayed tell you the truth.  The amount of work I was putting in and the turn around on the projects was faster than ever but his personal overhead was too high and he didn’t want to risk paying me too much.  Such a shame.  I actually liked that job. Geeking out with document imaging. LOL.  $40k a year for that position wasn’t enough.  $60k would have been a different story.  $60k with bonuses I would have been game.   *sigh* reminiscing of geeking out at a document imaging company. LMFAO! Freestyle Friday!  

Anyhow. Getfitted Garage, LLC. is official.   Automotive Lifestyles company.  I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off but I know I have passion for car shit.  I just happen to have $20k worth of screen printing equipment, sign making equipment, and $5k of scanning and digital printing stuff.   It’ll all tie in somewhere.  Sure I should have gathered my thoughts and made a super dope business plan.  I just love chaos.  The process in which my mind works, as I was telling bff Grace earlier, 135 bpm background music helps me gather my thoughts.  With the occasional 140+bpm.. too many things crossing my mind at any given moment.    Grace said weed would help me.  I know it would but music happens to calm the mind for me.  Oh and driving.. Driving + music.  I have to concentrate on driving or I’m dead and music apparently slows my thoughts down to a certain pace? I don’t know what I’m talking about I’m crazy!  Just know Getfitted Garage is official thats all that matters right now.  In the next few days I have to jot down the goals for this company.  And execute with precision.   How to make six figures in one year?  make X amount in a month. make X amount in a week. make X amount a day.  That’s multiple chances. chances or should I say goals?  

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