aka iamdengman

2017 goals/desires/whatever you want to call it.

  1. Repair Tundra from accidents from 2016, Rebuild coilover shocks, buy new tires and go prerunner wide panels.
  2. Get GS400 on road so I can daily drive it instead of the Tundra
  3. Get LS400 buttoned up and make it to a few car shows.
  4. debut GS400 and LS400 on internet same time in Spring.
  5. Getfitted Garage 
  6. Get passport
  7. Shake more hands, smile, and acknowledge people.
  8. Find future wifey. 
  9.  Travel
  10. Be proud of accomplishments.
  11. Eat more.
  12. Figure out how to maintain 5acres of land
  13. Use the exercise equipment setup in the basement
  14. Use my rollerblades and bikes more often.
  15. Travel more… LOL


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