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Damn.. Soo stressed..

Today has been the most horrific day.. Soo stressed…

barely got any sleep, deposited money to the bank.. OG finally shows up and talks to me about shit.. and he still doesnt understand the shop doesnt have money yet he gets paid all the time.. i mean yeah he does work and all but he  just asks for money to frequent.. I dont know how much longer i can take of this shop.. theres soo much potential.. but sooo much stress.. ive been putting off this paper work ive been trying to do for the past 2 weeks.. I just really need a whole day to my self to relax and sleep and chillax.. but fuck I dont see it happening.. maybe i should get a hotel some where and just disappear for a day..

Life sucks right now.. Managing the shop.. getting paid shit.. dealing with everyones BS and dealing with customers.. fuck.. all i want is my fucking lift in the ground wired and operational.. so i can clean out the shop to wear it looks nice and organized and so I can have some drive to get the walls finished painted and touched up.. and take out the trash.. and etc etc etc…

 i dunno… a happy work place is a good work place.. All the money I have in my pocket most of the days isnt mine to spend and it sucks.. over $20,000 went thru my fingers with in the past 2 months and not even 2% of it was mine.. blah..

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