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Tired.. Blah

this past month and some odd weeks.. what a pain.. very very very stressful.. cant really stay on track cause im always multi tasking and always get caught u doing one thing.. and forget another thing… thats why i write shit down.. and go with that.. but some times people just talk to me and say blah blah blah.. and i cant remember shit all the time.. i get at most 5 hours of sleep a nite on average.. i need shit done at the shop but it sucks.. OG wants money all the time and i thought he wanted to “help” I dont get paid every week or everyday like OG wtf.. does he not understand????  still need to do alot of paper work.. need to do some spreadsheets.. need to paint some things still.. need to call places.. need to pay some bills… need to consolidate some shit too.. fuck.. man.. come summer time and if i dont have shit to show for working here ima quit and bounce out of this place..  what can i do when people dont understand my operations… its simple.. do what i say u get paid..  lol.. i bring in business.. do what i say and u get paid.. but i cant rely on some one or any one that doesn show up on time.. its bad for business.. i cant run this shit and work on cars at the same time.. it fucks up the rotation and shit wont get done..


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