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Dengman’s LS400 Build

Lets just start off with some history. I’ve been reading lowrider mag since I was in elementary. I didnt just look at the girls. =P Then the whole import scene I was into that.. had a B16 swap in a civic hatch before fast and the furious came out. Worked at a family auto repair business when i was 20-23ish. Then worked with a friend at his shop in Kansas City for a couple of years. Then went to NC to help at the family restaurant. Two years later.. Old buddy Josh in KS called me up and asked if I was ready to buy his LS. The price… I could not pass up. Drove my integra gsr 4dr to Kansas City left it at my friend Johns shop and picked up the LS400. Told John to send me $2000 when he got the integra sold.

Drove the car back like this.

Stock 16s were flat with dry rotted tires. Chrome was peeling. After unmounting two tires and grinding the chrome and bead sealer.. I gave up. Havent worked on cars in 2 years I forgot how to use the tire machine. I laughed at my self. Time was ticking and I had to get home. Luckily John had some bent 18s that happened to fit. Lucky me.

Got the timing belt done since it was 190k+ on its original timing belt. Got some 17″ Msw type 14 from Tire Rack. So I could drive to NC to visit the family. (I’ve used Tire Rack for many years highly recommend.)

Megan MKIII supra track coilovers. Cheapest [b]STIFF[/b] off-the shelf coilovers with out a wait. (setup a wholesale account with a distributor to get them. 😉 )

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