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Been busy getting things done!

As I sit here at my brothers place in Mahomet, IL. The perfect chance to get a blog post in. =P

The last time I made a blog entry was in February. It’s the end of May! I was trying to at least get a few posts in a month but that obviously didn’t happen. So let’s go over what I should have posted? March… Thai lady that cooks in the kitchen had to go back to Thailand for her mothers funeral. That was mid-March. Which ruined my plans of going to Kansas City in April for my birthday. March and April I spent alot of time working on building the GS400 and on my business Getfitted Garage. Seems like time has flew by. The whole situation where I had to show up at the restaurant to cook when it got busy was tiresome. I value you my time and they had me on a hourly pay rate of $10/hr because I haven’t been “showing up” to help at the family restaurant. I’m sorry my work goes unnoticed. But I am back on a salary for the family businesses. After a month of getting crap pay and complaining. I don’t take my time and milk the clock and take all day to do tasks. I do work. In and out. Real fast. I said I work efficiently on a salary. Hourly I complain I have to work slower and milk the clock. LOL.


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