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Planning Road trip 2017


I’m getting old still single. No kids.  I’ve be talking about going to see my father for a long time. I haven’t seen him in over 10 years!  Our only form of communication is E-mail.   I can take one of my three vehicles.  My Tundra, LS400, or Gs400.   Tundra is more out of the question since MPG and parking in a metro would suck, unless I get someone to pay for some gas and lodging.  Maybe send me some parts. I can do promos on a roadtrip. LOL…    LS400…. has less trunk space and Needs alot of work.   GS400 has more trunk space and needs work too… Either way both are 18 years old.  I would have to go through the entire car and make sure everything is good.  I’ll for sure bringing a tool bag, jack, and stands.  If you want to check out my LS400 or GS400 both work in progress.  If I do this trip it’ll be summer time for sure.  Maybe I should plan for some events/carshows to attend to?  

So there’s going to be roughly 8000-10,000 miles for this trip depending where I go.  The map route is just the start to get a rough idea.

$800-1000 in gas.  Several hotel rooms?  Lots of friends couches for sure.  On this trip I’ll dabble more into my hobby of photography.  I’m certain there’s many breath taking shots to be made.  I’ll probably livestream on various social media platforms as well.  Should start vlogging. This whole blogging thing takes time to think of something to write about.  I don’t really take notes so I don’t remember everything. So a video would be instant note taking LOL.  But video editing is a whole ‘nother realm of geek I’ve never found time to mess with. 

I’ve made a list of cameras I’d buy sorta in budget.  I could sell some things I don’t use to make it happen. 

Either Sony a6500 or a7mkii

Some type of action camera.

samsung gear 360 camera and use it with my note 5



I’ve had a lot of feedback from friends all over on my FB post about this. I can change the route around in California so I can see/meet/hang with friends.  As for the northern part of Central US… That’s another whole road trip on its own. =)

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