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The principle.

Well, Apparently bff had a panic attack today. I’ve already told my family she has issues and you have to work around it and apparently they don’t listen. They are mad at her because she didn’t help when orders came in. I asked if anyone asked her to help? They said no. I said there is your problem. Just because she helps whats his name (keeping names out) out when orders come in doesn’t mean she automatically does it. He probably asks her. Kinda like how they blame one of the servers for not helping doing server duties. If they aren’t doing something, you tell them what to do! They work for you and your family! Ughhhh! I hate it when they get mad at someone because of something. SPEAK UP! You all speak enough English they will understand! Don’t just expect shit to happen. People get burnt out over work. As a person with authority you need to keep your peoples inline! /endrant . . .

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