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Time flyer

I emerge from the midst of self destruction with passions and skills of a hundred men. Thinking outside the box has gotten me far. The years I’ve spent living and learning has been full of ups and downs. Failing time after time. I’ve failed family, friends, lovers… acquaintances… and most of all myself. Without the failure I wouldn’t have anything to measure up my success to.   I’ve lived life running wild and free with no worries in the world.  When I failed I got back up and tried again.  I’ve always tried my best to keep everyone happy.  My self as well…  When things got rough it showed. When things were good it showed.  I always try to hide the negatives and show the positives.  I don’t regret much of anything I’ve done.  It is apart of living and learning. Owning up to mistakes. Challenging what’s right and what’s wrong.  If hell broke loose and shit hit the fan… I would be a survivor as everyone with me.

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