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So, I moved to North Carolina..

800 miles or so away from Kansas City I am. Why? Well, work and the roommates. Things didn’t work out so well. I was debating about moving everyday any ways. I was thinking about moving at the end of the year. Didn’t expect to move so soon. At least this time I got to say my good byes and got to party before I left. The last time I moved I felt like I left something behind. This time I’m glade I moved. So are my closest friends that I’ve had for over 5 years.. I’m sorry I didnt get to hang out with everyone or say good bye to every one. But thats why I have facebook. We can still talk right? The people I like to keep contact I have been in contact with. The others I’d like to contact but lack of time in the day to text and sit on facebook while Im at work. I seriously wake up at 8am.. and go to work and go home at 10.. everyday.. its alot of work and strain.. but I like it.. Doing something different for a change.

Back to work.. To be continued..

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