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Work at home..

So, I bought some things so I can work at home. Can’t really work at the shop on the things Id like to work on. The environment isn’t the correct type. Any other web designer, graphics designer would agree with me.

$538.xx on a new computer (my old one fried i think the mother board or processor failed)
Has 8gigs of ram
1800mhz FSB
2.2ghz quadcore amd phenom 9550 (some type of processor? lol)
has 1 terabyte of hard drive space

Never thought I’d see that day where Id own a computer like this.
its like a 8x upgrade from my last computer.

I got a cricket USB modem (since we dont have cable or internet a home)
Cricket had a promotion going on it ends up free after mail in rebates.. the service is onl $40 a month.. its faster than dial up.. I can work with it for now.. tad be slower than sprint 3G broadband network cards..
Buts it’ll work.. no contract! free modem! it will work..

I also.. decided to get a cell phone. To make some peoples lives easier.. To get ahold of me that is.. Went with boost mobile.. Its on the sprint network so its fairly decent. Free mobile to mobile with the sprint network. I just got it mainly for text.. so the plan im on is about $30-31 a month.. with unlimited texting and free mobile to mobile and free nights and weekends starting at 9pm – 7am.. not bad.. the phone i got was on sale and it has a qwerty keyboard on it so its pretty easy to text.

So.. coming soon.. a very bad ass
more pixors here on my blog.. and HD video clips..

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