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I hate people that don’t do their job!

So, I seriously drove down the street and waited for 30 F’n minutes!  Thats so retarded… I picked up two tires from a tire supplier that seriously was down the street.  I could have walked there in 6 minutes.   This guy seriously was helping his customer (guy that was there before me..)  And then while waiting for his customer, that was talking on his cell phone trying to figure tire sizes.. He could helped me but he didn’t.  After his customer got off his cell they figured out the tire size and price and what not and exchange, since the customer purchased the wrong tire. (passenger tire was purchased instead of trailer tire)  Well, theres a process to get the tire through the warehouse system. It takes a few minutes to process the order through the computer system. (processing the payment)   This guy decideds to walk over to his bench where orders are printed and he lays the paper out to see which orders have been processed and which tires are waiting in will call and what not.. He storts some shit out.. While he could have helped me.. I could have been in and out in less than 5 minutes!  After another sales rep comes back from his lunch break he asks if “whats his name”  is helping me.. I responded “eventually” and rolled my eyes..   He knew i wasnt a happy camper by the way I was breathing at one point.. Impatiently for like a few seconds.. LOL it was more of a sigh of pissed off..   I seriously was there for over 30 minutes.. The shop is down the street not even 2 mins of driving.. Just because some mother fucker wasnt doing his job..   I’m about to find the right number and complain.. hahaha 

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