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Live streaming is coming

For the past year I’ve been lurking live streaming apps. I’ve decided on which platforms I want to live stream on. Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope Facebook and Periscope I can already live stream on. 360 live stream quality isn’t that great at the moment. It’s limited on upload bandwidth. Until mobile devices have faster upload speeds and more alloted bandwidth I don’t see quality 360 live streams happening for the […]

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World Cup Finals 2016

Pix from my road trip to Kansas City for Halloween, then road trip to Maryland for Imports VS Domestics World Cup Finals 2016.   It was a long week this trip. I literally drove over 13hrs to Kansas City stayed up a couple nights took a power nap and we hit the road to Maryland then stayed up all night getting the car ready. Then stayed up a night or […]

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Went to Carthage for the first time..

Very intresting event.  Held every year.. Haven’t ever seen soo many viet people in one spot.. lol.  Any how.. in arkansas now.. Apparently going to a party that tinnman is spinning at.. I feel like I should have stayed home.. Like I said way before when the idea of going to arkansas first came up.. Just feel like I can be doing work.. Getting shit done on my own time.  […]

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