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I Accepted DeAnjelo J L Bradley’s Challenge.

Since I was challenged by my sister in-law Natasha to do the ice bucket challenge. I decided to accept DeAnjelo’s challenge as well. I’ve donated to the ALS Association as well to my friend Hien Phan’s GoFundMe campaign raising money for his 2nd grade students.     I feel Hien’s current students and students years to come will have more impact from my donation.  The ALS Association has raised a […]

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Profiled again? I just find it ridiculous that I get pulled over at night for no apparent reason. Same “reason” or should I say made up excuse, something about my tag lights. I’m sorry I drive a lowered LS400 with no rear emblems and chrome wheels with BIG lips. Drug dealers don’t drive lowered big body cars. SMH…

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It’s been a long while!

2014… I’ve pretty much didn’t blog at all 2013.. Well. I added a script that feeds #ls400 instagram pix to my blog. Been busy helping my mother with her boutique. She’s serious about this and I told her if she is serious serious Ill help her out and get things done. $1000 laptop she bought me shows she is SERIOUS. I need to find more time to blog forsure. Soon […]

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First Day of Spring!

Let’s just say the sun is out but it is cold AS! for Spring. I kind of feel I should just wear my snowboarding jacket still. Going to North Carolina for a month or so to do some stuff for the FAMBAM. Get some weight off my shoulders! I guess it’ll be a long needed VACATION of work. LOL… I’m turning 21! again for the 7th time in a couple […]

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