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Daily enjoyment

Well, I’m not going to lie.  Just about every morning after my shower I brew a cup of coffee with my Keurig. I drive towards Landrum or Tryon taking my time.  No rush to go anywhere. Although there are some days I like to drive spiritedly there.  The view of the mountains over yonder is always refreshing.  I became fond of Snapchat sending snaps to a select few people that […]

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Would be nice..

Yes, it would be nice to do my own business here but the way I see it… It wouldn’t be worth the stress to do it at the moment. I have to deal with mums boutique still. Probably have to still deal with the restaurant even though I countless times say I don’t want anything to do with the restaurant. My problem is I don’t have any leisure time. I […]

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I need a small office.

Been working on a list of services I could offer in NC if I opened my own business. I’d probably do it by appointment only. Easy geeky stuff picture scanning slide/film scanning xray scanning document scanning, indexing Book scanning OCR casette to digital vhs to digital slide shows video clips Photography/videography Photo touch up pdf form creation CD/dvd duplication- graphic design E-books Time consuming but interesting things personalized cups personalized […]

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Actually decided to do this.

Well, I actually back tracked through my old posts on other media outlets and posted it on here. There’s still more but I dont feel like downloading a bunch of pictures from my google images to make new posts yet. The left navigation menu is cleaned up and all functional links now.. =) Doubt anyone will go through it all but I’ve added my LS400 build posts from Clublexus. I […]

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