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It’s been sooo long!

Hey, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But I am still alive. Haven’t had stable fast internet at home so I’ve talked my self out of using my computer at home. My desktop at work had MICROTREND filter crap on it and the sever wouldn’t let me access. I didn’t know the pw for it on the server to add my url to the okay safe list. […]

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New Journey..

For the ones that actually read my blog.. Just to let you guys know.. I recently moved back to Illinois from NC after I moved there from Kansas City. lol Since I’m back in my home town. I’m slowly working on starting a Screen printing company to go along with my vinyl decal setup that I havent been using. Soon to come Decals + Custom T-shirts.. Get at me if […]

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Work at home..

So, I bought some things so I can work at home. Can’t really work at the shop on the things Id like to work on. The environment isn’t the correct type. Any other web designer, graphics designer would agree with me. $538.xx on a new computer (my old one fried i think the mother board or processor failed) Has 8gigs of ram 1800mhz FSB 2.2ghz quadcore amd phenom 9550 (some […]

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I hate people that don’t do their job!

So, I seriously drove down the street and waited for 30 F’n minutes!  Thats so retarded… I picked up two tires from a tire supplier that seriously was down the street.  I could have walked there in 6 minutes.   This guy seriously was helping his customer (guy that was there before me..)  And then while waiting for his customer, that was talking on his cell phone trying to figure […]

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