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Gettin’ Some Boots.. “Dear Casey Dengmanivanh, Thank you for shopping with us.  Your order confirmation number C79D5561BC270F05D054 was received by us on 12/19/2007 at 7:57:40 PM. You will receive another e-mail with your tracking number once your order has been shipped. If you want you can view the status of your order at anytime by clicking on the following link “

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Todays Rant…

Well, I dropped about $500 this week alone so far out of my pocket on shit for the shop.  Parts, paint supplies, things to redo the restroom, food, and some thing I needed for my vinyl decal operations.. I wont see that $500 come back to me for till next year.. But the way I see it.. gotta spend money to make money…  Making big improvements for this place.  Gotta […]

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Dear Paul M.

This post is for you…? Last I heard of you.. Dan said you were threatening to kill some guards.. LOL..? Don’t say I never cared.. I still wonder what really happend… Rumors of  your mom moving to Philipines with your sister?  Dad cheated on your mom?  Seriously things dont add up in my mind.. The news paper articles dont say jack shit about your mom or sister or […]

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