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Live streaming is coming

For the past year I’ve been lurking live streaming apps. I’ve decided on which platforms I want to live stream on.

Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope

Facebook and Periscope I can already live stream on. 360 live stream quality isn’t that great at the moment. It’s limited on upload bandwidth. Until mobile devices have faster upload speeds and more alloted bandwidth I don’t see quality 360 live streams happening for the general public.

Youtube to my understanding, currently I would need 1000 subscribers to live stream via mobile device.

Why live stream?
Well, it’s the realest thing to being real digitally. I know I have friends all over the world. I’m sure in their down time the would love to see a replay of what I’ve been up to.

Would anyone actually watch?
I’m not quite sure. But I plan on live streaming my travels, random events I attend to, and possibly random chit chats.

What do I need to live stream?
I have two android devices on Verizon with unlimited data already.
I’m undecided on which DJI drone I want. Either the phantom 3 pro or maverick pro.
DJI has the osmo plus I seem very interested in. From what I’ve seen on Periscope the quality of dji is crispy clear which I want.
Off the top of my head the drone and the osmo plus with accessories would easily be almost $3000.

What do I need from you? Just subscribe to my youtube channel so I can live stream there.
I will probably download the facebook and periscope live streams and upload them to youtube till I get the 1000 subscribers I need?

The links:
Getfitted Garage Youtube Channel
You can follow me on facebook but I won’t add people I dont know.

You can also donate so it will motivate me more. haha.

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